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Xero Pricing

How Much Is A Xero Subscription?

Xero has many different subscription plans to suit the size of your business. We use the same pricing as Xero. The standard Xero subscription plans are all in AUD and including GST. They start from $25 per month with the most popular subscription being $60 per month. Work out which Xero Subscription would suit you best here.

What Are Xero Partner Edition Plans?

As a Xero Partner we also have access to exclusive partner edition plans that may suit you better. The Xero partner subscription plans start from as little as $10 AUD including GST per month if you do not require invoicing or GST reporting to $19 AUD including GST per month if you do not require invoicing. Contact us to find out more.

How Does A Xero Subscription Work?

You will need a Xero subscription for each business entity that you have. However, you can have as many bank accounts as you like per subscription.

Xero has a simple pay by the month with no lock in contracts system. You only pay for the months that you use it. You do need to give Xero 1 month’s notice to cancel a Xero subscription and during this time you can use it as normal to make sure everything is in order before the subscription ends.

Your accountant may hold and pay the subscription on your behalf. A subscription can be transferred to you or another accountant whenever you want.

Is Xero’s Pricing Value For Money?

Absolutely! Xero’s pricing delivers great value for money in a feature packed accounting software package. Check out the features included here. When considering if Xero’s pricing is good value, you only need to consider one thing – How much is your time worth to you?

Not Sure If Xero Is Suitable For You And Your Business?

Contact us to help you work out which subscription suits you best.

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