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Why You Need To Switch Accountants This Tax Season

Tax season is fast approaching so if your accountant isn’t reducing your business stress whilst saving you money, DON’T PANIC! It’s time to take a deep breath and protect what’s yours – with a switch to Sandercoe Accounting. We are the accounting service in Sydney whose performance reflects the pride that you take in your business.

Our stance on 100% ethical accounting allows us to recognise when others take advantage and engage in unethical practices, so as the financial year draws to a close, we’re naming the warning signs to help you avoid an unprofessional accountant.

Red Flags For Accounting Services In Sydney

They Are Indiscrete

We all love a good story BUT if your accountant is talking to you about other clients, what do you think they’re saying to them about you! It’s rarely a solitary case of breaching confidentiality. Ethically, an accountant has a duty to keep your business (and personal) information private. Any violation of this, even if it doesn’t pertain to you, should immediately ring alarm bells and flick the switch to seeking a new accountant.

They Are Disorganised

A great accountant is a stickler for deadlines and current practices. Missed deadlines and returns can result in expensive fines. Your sole job is to provide information. A red-hot accountant does the rest, with an eagle eye on sums, deadlines, legalities and government regulations.

If you’re chasing your current accountant for late or missed deadlines, it’s better to spend that energy on zeroing in on a brilliant, switched-on accountant. Sandercoe Accounting is dedicated to achieving on-time, above-average results for your business.

They Avoid Issues

Ever seen that cartoon of an ostrich with their head buried in the sand? Some accountants have been known to do it too!

If your accountant is non-responsive in a time of need, could they be hiding something from you? We at Sandercoe Accounting pride ourselves on our transparency with our clients, ensuring that you are kept up-to-date and that your concerns are responded to in a timely manner.

The moment your accountant doesn’t return your calls or emails, switch to a more professional way. A high-quality accountant like Sandercoe will always go the extra mile to make you feel confident and secure when times are most stressful.

You’ve heard about this amazing next step you could take in your business’ economics plan but you’re damned if you know how to take it. Your accountant should be that bridge between here and an informed future.

So if your current accountant avoids giving sound business advice and is only putting in minimal effort, it’s time to flick the accountant switch. A good accountant will always go beyond bookkeeping to explain complicated financial statements and accounting principles.

At Sandercoe Accounting, we pride ourselves on being more than just ‘bean counters’. Every single one of our accountants has a finger on the pulse of their Sydney and interstate clients AS WELL AS what beckons from their future. You are the one paying your accountant so once you know better accounting is out there, why settle for anything less?

It’s at this point in our article that some readers are thinking, “Hey, those unprofessional practices sound just like my accountant!” Please don’t panic, even if tax time’s day’s away. Sandercoe Accounting is ready to help today.

Switching to our high-quality accounting is easier than you think.

Rule 1: Ensure you have contacted a high-quality accountant before you get rid of your current one. Most registered accountants will assist a new accountant during a transition, however a high-quality accounting team like Sandercoe is trained to quickly understand and interpret your business needs whatever your current circumstances.

Rule 2: Once you feel like your business interests are in safe hands, flick the switch on your old accountant.

If you’re seeing the writing on the wall – or in our parlance, your old accountant’s number is up – enlist the help of our professional team of accountants today! Sandercoe Accounting’s figures show time again that we are the trusted high-quality accounting team for businesses and medical practices across Sydney and Australia.



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