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The One Change You Need To Make To Buy Your First Ferrari

Do you find yourself reading articles or books where a certain inspirational person tells you that to make more money you have to work harder, get smarter or invest more? Luckily if you own your own business the reality is much simpler. You can save enough money to buy your first Ferrari simply by hiring the right accountant.

How A Medical Accountant Can Save You Enough To Buy a Ferrari

The first question you might be asking yourself is how much is a Ferrari going to cost me? A vintage second hand Ferrari can set you back around $60,000 whereas a newer 458 Spyder will cost upwards of $300,000. Whilst these figures may seem eye-watering, we at Sandercoe Accounting have seen savings of this magnitude in many businesses over their time with us. As the old saying goes the best things in life are free, the second best are very expensive.

At Sandercoe Accounting we put our money where our mouth is. As the premier Medical Accountants in the Sydney area, we have a long history of helping businesses find their way to financial success. We saved Dr Kumar and his plastic surgery practice $60,000 in income tax, enough to buy a 1996 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta Manual! We also saved Dr Turner $90,000 in income tax and helped him avoid a $180,000 fine. That’s a total saving of $270,000 or enough money to buy a 2016 Ferrari California T Auto.

Now that you have bought your very own Ferrari it’s time to enjoy it. You could hit the race track for an adrenaline filled day, cruise down Sydney Harbour Boulevard as the talk of the town or take a trip down Grand Pacific drive for a thrilling scenic ride. What’s even better is that all it took to turn your hard work into a beautiful Ferrari was switching your accountant. However, we at Sandercoe do much more than helping people afford Ferrari’s. We work hard to reduce your business stress by removing accounting confusion and concern and upholding ethical accounting principles. Our goal is to improve your overall business to save you money and reduce stress, so call Sandercoe today to ignite your business potential and accelerate to financial success!



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