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Superannuation and Accounting Services

The strategic management of your superannuation is integral in ensuring that you receive the outcome you deserve. Your superannuation is incredibly important, as it allows you to live a higher quality of life and do that which is most important to you once you have reached the end of your working life.

Our Superannuation Accounting Services

Sandercoe Accounting provides superannuation services related to both the establishment and management of your superannuation fund.

We recognise that many people like to have firmer control over their superannuation fund, and so we provide extensive assistance in the creation and maintenance of self-managed superannuation funds. For those with a pre-existing industry superannuation fund, Sandercoe Accounting can aid in the seamless transition from industry superannuation fund to self-managed superannuation fund, hereby helping you to take more control over your earnings.

Sandercoe Accounting can manage concessional and non-concessional superannuation contributions, ensuring that the payment of both pre-tax and post-tax contributions is simple and legitimate. Additionally, we can organise salary sacrificing into your superannuation fund, which is an increasingly popular tactic among those looking to reduce their taxable income.

No matter which stage of your working life you are at, Sandercoe Accounting can help to organise your superannuation fund in a way that is most beneficial to your situation. For example, we can arrange your self-managed superannuation fund account-based pension, ensuring you receive a tax-effective income stream. We can also facilitate the purchase of property with your self-managed superannuation fund through the use of a Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement (LRBA). To ensure that your self-managed superannuation fund is as secure and flexible as possible, Sandercoe Accounting can change individual trustees with a corporate trustee.

Across all self-managed superannuation fund operations, Sandercoe Accounting understands the $1.6 million transfer balance cap and can aid in reporting to the ATO and making sure your superannuation fund remains compliant to avoid penalties. We can ensure that your self-managed superannuation fund is continually compliant, and we can provide essential documents, such as financial statements, tax returns, investment strategies and statutory minutes. Additionally, we can arrange for your self-managed superannuation fund to be audited by a qualified independent auditor, as well as arranging audit protection insurance on your behalf.

Sandercoe Accounting are committed to remaining current and up-to-date with laws and regulations surrounding superannuation – we will review, monitor and update your self-managed superannuation fund’s trust deed to remain current with legislative changes. Similarly, we will keep current with binding death benefit nominations, ensuring these are regularly reviewed and updated.

We ensure that you are constantly in the loop and are able to access information on your self-managed superannuation fund. We provide online access to reports, where you can monitor your fund’s investment growth.

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Sandercoe Accounting provides uncomplicated and long-term solutions to your superannuation needs. Our significant experience in superannuation and accounting services coupled with our drive to create effective outcomes for our clients leads to the professional and strategic management of superannuation.

We pride ourselves in our adept industry knowledge, and are confident that we can make improvements to your financial management. Get in touch with Sandercoe Accounting for an obligation-free chat.