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Dental Accounting Tips To Make You Smile

Dental Accounting For All Stages Of Your Practice’s Life

Got time to down dental tools and look in the mirror? Who do you see looking back at you: a fresh young dental technician? A new practice owner? How about a mature mid-career dentist?

Sandercoe Accounting has seen them all. As a dental accounting specialist, we’ve been lucky enough to have assisted many dental practices with medical accounting that skilfully manoeuvres you through the phases of your profession.

We’ve advised fledgling dentists on education tax claims and start-up expenses. And when it was time to launch into their very own practice, we imparted medical accounting support that was water-tight and financially sound.

Even at the end of a practice’s life, when retirement beckons, Sandercoe delivers the type of dental accounting that wraps things up perfectly.

Dental Accounting Tips

Having been so involved with many dental practices, we thought we’d share some indispensable dental accounting tips to help you too.


Your machinery can be expensive but it is essential, so cost-cutting begins after you’ve purchased necessary equipment. The right bookkeeper can cut costs by completing the daily financial chores that give you correct figures to help you plan your next move. We’re also specialists at maximising deductions and tax credits, and have eagle eyes for red-flag issues like calculation mistakes and the misappropriation of funds.

Know Your Financial Basics

You know your mandible from your bicuspid but how about your Profit and Loss from your Cash Flow? And how does it all relate to the specifics of dental accounting? A team like Sandercoe Accounting know your lingo and medical accounting terms. Much more than the basics too! For instance, we know that operating costs are high for a dental practice, so we aim to keep you a few steps ahead of any issues. It’s a lot harder when you try to do everything yourself.

Need A Xero Setup?

There are accounting software packages for every business. At Sandercoe, we find Xero is far and away the best dental accounting software. We know it inside out and our clients find it easy to use when billing and running reports. For a complimentary Xero audit and set-up, click here.

Review Frequently With A Professional

Even if you are staying on top of your own accounting, it’s wise to make semi-regular pit-stops with the likes of Sandercoe. We can spot accounting irregularities like you spot tartar… and quite often rectify issues just as fast! It’s the easier way to reduce the possibility of future losses.

Because you’re dealing with the health of the community, the stringent guidelines for treatments continue through to your financial accounts. A specialist dental accountant just gets your dental lingo better. There’s no asking you what a 3D Cone Beam Imager is – we’ve seen it as an expense before. We’ll keep you up to date with your financial side – right up to your reports, delivered on time for tax purposes.

Sydney’s Best Dental Accounting Practice

From periodontists and orthodontists to seasoned dental surgeons, Sandercoe Accounting just ‘gets’ the world of dentistry. While we can’t actually fill a cavity, we can plug a hole in your bookkeeping and straighten your financial affairs.

Make contact with Sandercoe Accounting today and we’ll explain how our cleverly crafted Ten Point Business Plan is the perfect answer to dental accounting that really will make you smile.



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