Sandercoe Accounting


Bookkeeping With Xero In Sydney

Sandercoe Accounting are Chartered Accountants specialising in Xero Bookkeeping in Sydney. Using the latest cloud technology with Xero we are able to provide our bookkeeping services all over the state!

How Do We Tailor Our Bookkeeping For Doctors?

Why Use Our Xero Accounting Services In Sydney?

Who better to do your bookkeeping services than a qualified chartered accountant who knows Xero inside out. Nicole Sandercoe has a unique skill set to offer where she has also been a manager for her own business and her husband’s plastic surgery business for the past 20 years. Nicole has a great insight into small business and is happy to share her many years of experience and business successes with you. Sandercoe Accounting provide bookkeeping and accounting to not only the medical industry but also all types of small business including industries such as legal firms, real estate agents, manufacturing, transport, insurance and finance to name only a few.

What Is Included In Our Xero Bookkeeping Services?

We offer a full bookkeeping service where we handle all Quarterly Business Activity Statement (BAS) and monthly instalment activity statement (IAS) lodgements, Payroll services including assistance with your Superannuation obligations, and provide quarterly performance reporting so you pay the right amount of tax as you go. We also guarantee that all of your lodgements are made on time provided that we have all of the information we need.

Who Does The Xero Bookkeeping?

At Sandercoe Accounting we perform all of our bookkeeping services in-house. That means we do not send any of your information off shore by outsourcing or other bookkeepers that do not have the necessary experience in Xero bookkeeping. All of our bookkeeping services are done using our own fully trained bookkeepers on our business premises or at your office. The advantage of using Sandercoe Accounting for your bookkeeping needs is that your bookkeeping is always reviewed by qualified Chartered Accountants ensuring your accounts are always accurate.

Why Do We Use Xero For Our Xero Bookkeeping?

Are your books in a mess? Outstanding BAS and Tax Lodgements? Starting up a business? Or you simply don’t have time to do your books and would rather spend time with your family? These are all common issues. To solve all of these issues, we often recommend Xero for your bookkeeping needs. Xero is easy to use and allows you to have as much or as little bookkeeping assistance as you require. Xero allows us to monitor your performance and therefore monitor how much tax you need to pay so there are no surprises of big tax bills at the end of the year. Xero also keeps your bookkeeping costs down low if done right.

What Do Our Bookkeeping Services Cost?

Our internal qualified bookkeepers are charged out at standard market rates for bookkeepers. The cost savings to you will be where your bookkeeping costs are kept low because we are experienced and efficient. This is our specialty. You will also save on your accounting costs due to your accounts being already in order ready for when it comes time to lodge your tax returns.